King's Lynn Today 02/02/11

I had to go into King's Lynn today with mum to do some shopping so spent an hour or so at the bus station, our ride into town on the FairsteadOne today was aboard Norfolk Green Coasthopper Optare Solo 312 YJ09EZU

No unusual sightings today but I did manage, for the first time, to photograph freshly repainted Norfolk Green Optare Spectra 6 YJ03UML which wears a revised version of the NG double deck livery as shown above. I really like this revised livery, it breaks up the lighter green nicely.

I also, once again, saw repainted Solo 618 MX54WMJ leaving the bus station on a 46 just as I arrived (as it did on Monday) so I was once again unable to photograph it!

My ride home was not on a bus as our shopping was a bit heavy so a Vancouver Taxies Fiat Dobló was used instead of the bus.