Norwich Park & Ride Changes from April 2011

Norfolk County Council have today announced the details of changes that will take place on Norwich Park & Ride from April - these changes are a result of the council spending cuts, Norfolk County Council predicts that these changes will save up to £1m per year.

The changes that will take place are listed below...

- The frequency of each service will be reduced from every 10 minutes to every 15 minutes.

- Morning services from Costessey, Harford, Postwick and Spowston will start 20 minutes later at 0700.

- Evening services back to all sites except Thickthorn will finish earlier at 1830.

- Saturday services from the least popular sites Costessey and Postwick will be scrapped.

- Fares will also change with fares rising by up to 15%, a £1 flat return fare will also be introduced for holders of concessionary passes.

- Changes to the Park & Ride sites which are managed by the councils commerial company Norse will include the closure of on site waiting rooms, toilets and offices as well as a reduction in maintenance work.

Norfolk County Council say they have no choice but to make these cuts which will help them save £2m from the Park & Ride subsidy over the next three years. The council also stress that they will continue to offer a substantial Park & Ride service in the future and that Norwich P&R will still be the biggest Park & Ride scheme in England.

Whilst these cuts may seem harsh I believe they are well balanced and have been considered carefully. At least the changes allow all six services to continue, unlike in Ipswich and other towns and cities where whole sites have be closed completely.