Stagecoach in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Peterborough and the fens ~ service changes from 17/04/11

Stagecoach have registered changes to their network across Cambridgeshire and the fens which will commence from 17th April 2011.

Most of these changes are due to the withdrawal of Cambridgeshire County Council bus funding or the shortfall in concessionary bus pass reimbursement. In total 22 services have been cancelled and 28 will have changes to their timetable, route or both.

See below for a list of the forthcoming changes.

Cancellations - Main Services
X7 Cambridge-March *replaced by new X8*
X9 Cambridge-March *replaced by new 9*
22/22A Peterborough-Deeping
31A Trumpington-Netherhall Schools
32 Peterborough-Chatteris
33 Peterborough-March *33 may continue in one way or another on a new registration, look out for info*
67 St Neots-Southoe
91/95/96 Cambridge-St Ives
139 Foxton-Royston

Cancellations - Infrequent/Shopping Buses
400 Huntingdon-Keyston
401 Huntingdon-Grafham
402 Huntingdon-St Ives
403 Huntingdon-Thrapston
404 Huntingdon-Bedford
405 Huntingdon-Peterborough
406 Huntingdon-Kettering
407 Huntingdon-Peterborough
408 Huntingdon-St Neots
409 Huntingdon-Huntingdon
414 St Neots-Graveley
431 St Ives-Great Raveley

Service Alterations
notes (R) Route (TT) Timetable

Cambridge Citi
2 Addenbrookes-Science Park (R)(TT)
4 Addenbrookes-St Neots (R)(TT)
5 City Centre-Bar Hill (TT)
6 City Centre-Oakington (TT)
7 City Centre-Saffron Walden (R)(TT)
8 Cottenham-Addenbrookes (new to replace part of 7)

Peterborough Citi
4 City Centre-Welland (TT)
5 City Centre-Dogsthorpe (TT)
6 Parnwell-Hampton (R)(TT)
7 City Hospital-Yaxley (TT)
8 Parnwell -Cardea (new to replace part of 6)

County Routes
B Cambridge-Orchard Park (TT)
5 Cambridge-St Ives (TT)
9 Cambridge-Littleport (TT)
9 Ely-March (new to replace X9)
11 Cambridge-Bury St Edmunds (TT)
12 Cambridge-Ely (TT)
14 Cambridge-Caldecote (TT)
18 Cambridge-Gamlingay (TT)
24 Peterborough-Lynch Wood (TT)
30 Huntingdon-Ramsey (R)(TT)
35 Huntingdon-March (TT)
36 Peterborough-Thorney (R)(TT)
37 Peterborough-Spalding (TT)
45 Huntingdon-St Ives (TT)
46 Peterborough-Huntingdon (R)(TT)
61/62/64 St Neots area (TT)
65/66 St Neots-St Ives (TT)

The new Cambridge City Sightseeing summer timetable will start on 16/04/11

{The above information was compiled using VOSA bus registration search}