Stagecoach in Peterborough new Enviro400's due in service...

Stagecoach in Peterborough's new Alexander Dennis Enviro400's have been noted around the city on driver type training duties over the the last week or so, the images above are of 19695 and 19706 which were seen yesterday at Queensgate - the images were kindly supplied by Philip Slynn and are copyright to him.

The Enviro400's have been decked out in the latest style of 'citi' branding and are expected to enter service either tomorrow or Monday, full details of batch can be found below...

19693 AE60JPV
19694 AE60JPX
19695 AE60JPY
19696 AE60JRO
19697 AE60JRU
19698 AE60JRV
19699 AE60JRX
19700 AE60JRZ
19701 AE60JSU
19702 AE60JSV
19703 AE60JSX
19704 AE60JSY
19705 AE60JSZ
19706 AE60JTO