Market Day in King's Lynn

Above (top to bottom) Emblings 6544FN loads a long queue of passengers on market day service 3 to March, Coach Services V315JTO navigates the awkward turn into stop 9 to form market day service 28 to Brandon, Peelings JJZ8021 loads up on market day service 1 to Fakenham, Sanders Mercedes 709D sucsessfully positioned on stop 9 preparing to depart on market day service 26 to Fakenham.

I decided to go into King's Lynn today to observe the market day services that come into King's Lynn on a Tuesday, a full list of what I observed is below...

Coach Services Y124HWE (Neoplan)
Coach Services V315JTO (Jonckheere Mistral)
Coach Services YN08UAK (Irizar I4)
Sanders P35KWA (Mercedes 709D)
Peelings JJZ8021 (Jonckheere B10M)
Emblings 8544FN (Plaxton Paramount)
Eagles ENH634 (Van Hool)
Eagles YO02HNP (Plaxton Paragon)

I also decided to sample the new Hardings Way Bus Road which is currently being served by smaller buses on the 47 & 63.

I got the early afternoon 47 hoping it would go down the bus road but for unknown reasons it didn't so I decided to try my luck on the late afternoon journey which to my delight did go down the new road - I was very impressed (apart from from the narrow pinch point that is currently prohibiting larger buses on the 46 and 505 ~ lets hope Norfolk County Council get it sorted out soon) the views over to the river was nice and once the grass grows on the (currently soil) banks and verges it will be very scenic.

A full list of the journeys I made today is below (all operated by Norfolk Green)...

1144 FairsteadOne Fairstead (Fernlea Road) to Bus Station - Optare Spectra YG02FWE.

1415 47 Bus Station to South Lynn (Saddlebow Road) - Optare Solo W119UCF.

1440 505 South Lynn (Wisbech Road) to Bus Station - Optare Tempo YJ57YCC.

1650 47 Bus Station to South Lynn (Saddlebow Road) - Optare Solo MX06BSZ.

1705 505 South Lynn (Wisbech Road) to Bus Station - Optare Spectra YG02FWB.

1720 FairsteadOne Bus Station to Fairstead (Fernlea Road) - Optare Spectra YG02FWB.

So all in all it was a very enjoyable day!