Norfolk News Round-Up

Handy summery of Norfolk bus service changes
There is a handy table showing a summery of all the bus service changes taking place across Norfolk in the next month - its too big to reproduce here so head over to KLFM 96.7 News Page to see it!

Norfolk bus pass timing changes - list of exceptions
As previously reported on the blog the times concessionary passes can be used is changing from April 1st...

Passes will be valid between 0930 and 2300 Monday to Friday and at any time on Saturday and Sunday - however there are some exceptions to this rule if, for example, your only bus service is before 0930. Norfolk County Council have produced a list of the services affected by this exception Click Here to visit NCC and view the list

There are also a few other changes from this date,

Holders of blind persons passes will no longer recieve free travel 24/7 and will now be bound to the same timing rules as other concessionary pass holders.

Passes with the companion element will no longer entitle companions to free travel - they must now pay full fare.

Passes will also no longer be valid for free travel on Park & Ride services in Norwich - full fare must be paid before 0930 Monday to Friday, however after 0930 Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday a special £1 return fare will be available.

Konectbus bendybus update
Brighton & Hove Mercedes Benz Citaro 104 BX02YYW has arrived at Konectbus.

Eagle eyed X1 driver Des Speed spotted it in Dereham on a school service yesterday morning - lucky students!

I am informed by Konectbus that providing it fits the vehicle should be in passenger service on service 5 Norwich City Centre to Costessy Queens Hill this Saturday - so thats your best chance to see and travel on it in service!

More Spectras for Norfolk Green!
Norfolk Green are due three more ex Reading Buses Optare Spectra soon, vehicle details are as follows...


They will become fleet numbers 7-9 in the NG fleet and will bring the total number of Spectras at Norfolk Green to nine!