Stagecoach East, First King's Lynn & Norfolk Green Fleet Updates

Stagecoach East Fleet Update
I am now able to provide full details of the movements involving the Stagecoach in Peterborough ALX400's displaced by the new Enviro400's...

18411-6 AE06GZH/J/K/L/M/N move to Bedford.
18420 AE06GZS will remain at Peterborough
18421-4 AE06GZT/U/V/W  move to Fenstanton.
18417-9 AE06GZO/P/R move to Cambridge

Information from official Stagecoach East fleetlist via 'nigdip' on the A&TVBF.

First in King's Lynn Fleet Update
Scania 65532 R152GSF has returned to service following a lengthy absense, as a result simlar 65556 R556CNG has returned to Norwich.

All of the withdrawn Volvo B10M coaches 20104, 20105, 20106, 20121, 20127 and 20131 remain at Rowan Road compound.

Scania 65529 R149GSF which has also spent a long time off the road has been noted at Vancouver Avenue Garage undergoing repairs.

Dart R472CAH is the last Dart to leave the fleet following the arrival of Solos 53701-6.

Volvo B10M coaches (usually 20107, 20115 or 20126) still appear on the X1 on an almost daily basis like 20126 pictured above at King's Lynn bus station yesterday.

Norfolk Green Fleet Update
Volvo B10M training coach 666 L159LBW has been sold as it became surplus to requirements following the withdrawal of the last manual service bus last year.

Dart 208 J508GCD continues to operate occasional service runs.

It is reported on the Anglia & Thames Valley Bus Forum that an ex Courtney Coaches B33F seated Optare Solo is to be aquired - I presume to replace 600 S41FWY which was withdrawn last year with accident damage.

Thats all for today folks :-)