New & Improved Buses In King's Lynn and Hunstanton from 12th June 2011

From Sunday 12 June, there will be changes and improvements to several Norfolk Green routes in King's Lynn and Hunstanton, as a result of the purchase of the local King's Lynn bus operations of First. Full details and PDF timetables are available below...

FairsteadOne will run more often during the daytime, with buses up to every 10mins Mon-Sat and every 20mins on Sundays. replacing First 42/42A. Buses via QE Hospital will start at 1800 on Mondays to Saturdays, with almost all Sunday buses also serving the hospital.

CLICK HERE to download new FairsteadOne timetable from 12th June 2011

NorthLynnToo! will run more often during Monday to Saturday daytimes to replace First 44, up to every 20mins, with an earlier bus at 0702 into town on Mondays to Fridays.

CLICK HERE to download new NorthLynnToo! timetable from 12th June 2011

NorthWoottonThree will replace First and Norfolk Green 43 buses, running to the same route from town to Reffley and North Wootton up to every 20mins during the day, and hourly during early evenings and Sunday daytimes. Reffley will still be served during late evenings by 10A buses to and from Hunstanton.

CLICK HERE to download new NorthWoottonThree timtable from 12th June 2011

CrosstownFive will replace GaywoodFive between town and Gaywood Park, and First 55 between town, South Lynn, Jubilee Bank and West Lynn every hour Monday to Saturday daytimes. This will provide through buses between West and South Lynn and Gaywood Tesco too. West Lynn and Jubilee Bank will also come within an enlarged LynnGo zone for even better value bus travel. Certain peak hour buses on the 63 will also serve West Lynn.

CLICK HERE to download new CrosstownFive timetable from 12th June 2011

the X8 will have most weekday buses heading out of King's Lynn diverted via QE Hospital grounds to give a 20min daytime frequency when combined with the 10. Inbound buses are unaffected, as a 20min daytime frequency is provided by the new 10 buses and our existing 48 buses.

CLICK HERE to download new X8 timetable from 12th June 2011

the Hunstanton Line 10 and 11 will replace First 40/40A/41/41A/409/X40 and Norfolk Green 40A buses between King's Lynn and Hunstanton, up to three times an hour Monday to Saturday and hourly on Sundays. The 10 will run twice an hour via QE Hospital, with alternate buses calling at Mountbatten Estate in Dersingham or Princess Drive in Hunstanton. The 11 runs hourly via Castle Rising, Sandringham and also serving Hunstanton Road in Heacham and Sandringham Road in Hunstanton. Combined with our 48 and X8 buses, there's still three buses an hour between town and QE Hospital during the day on weekdays, and our fast Coasthopper buses are unchanged, running hourly between King's Lynn and Hunstanton.

CLICK HERE to download new The Hunstanton Line 10 & 11 timetable from 12th June 2011

the 63 most buses will divert via Ferry Lane and Jubilee Bank between Clenchwarton and South Lynn, replacing First 55. Peak hour buses will also run through West Lynn itself. Hourly daytime buses for Jubilee Bank and West Lynn will also run on our new CrosstownFive.

CLICK HERE to download 63 timetable from 12th June 2011

Smithdon High School we're taking over First school buses 401/402/405/406/407 to their existing times, and there will be some schooldays journeys on the 10 and 11 as well.

CLICK HERE to download new 401-407 timetables from 12th June 2011

New leaflets for these services will be sent to printers shortly, and will be available in good time before 12 June. We're also going to be working to improve bus stop information throughout King's Lynn and at stops between King's Lynn and Hunstanton as well, ready for the changes.

Information from www.norfolkgreen.co.uk