NNR Vintage Bus Weekend ~ Sunday 10th April 2011

On Sunday I went to the North Norfolk Railway Vintage Bus Weekend - it was my first proper trip out since January and it did not disapoint... in fact I'd say it was fantasic!

I started my day by catching the 0842 Norfolk Green FairsteadOne into town which produced Optare Solo Slimline YJ10EYB.

My second bus of the day was Sanders Optare Solo YK04KWC on the X8/9 between King's Lynn and Holt.

The third leg of my journey after changing buses at Holt was Sanders DAF SB220/Wright Cadet YJ03PKV on the 5 to Sheringham.

Upon arrival at Sheringham there were vintage buses a plenty with serveral vehicles lined up outside the railway station awaiting departure on the free vintage bus services, my first port of call was the railway station where I found the eye catching LEV1 (Leyland Experimental Vehicle 1) awaiting departure to Holt, it is a unique (I think!) railbus made from Leyalnd National buses, it still evan sounds like one!

After inspecting LEV1 I headed over to the coach park where there were several vehicles laying over inbetween runs as well as some coaches that had come up on excursions.

I then returned to the bus departure point where the cavalcade of ex Eastern Counties buses was due to depart to Cromer, I decided to travel on old favourite five cylinder Bristol Lodekka OVF229, she seemed to be stuggling and didn't cope very well with the hills althought it was a good ride all the same!

After a spot of lunch and a rest I returned to the departure point where I found the highlight of my day! Julian Pattersons fantasic freshly restored Bristol RE WNG864H I decided to join him for the 50 minute round trip to Cley Visitor Centre, the vehicle was a joy to travel on and is now my favourite bus ever and the best bus I have ever travelled on, it looked absolutly splendid basking in the sunshine with its fresh paintwork.

After that fantastic journey I returned to the railway station where there were a class 37 and another railbus sitting at the platforms.

Then I found another fine looking Bristol RE now owned by the East Anglia Transport Museum parked outside the station awaiting departure to Holt... not London :-)

It was then time for my three part journey home...
Sanders DAF/Wright Cadet YJ03PKV on the 5 Sheringham to Holt
Sanders Scania Omnicity YN53GFA onh the 9/X8 Holt to King's Lynn
then finally Norfolk Green Optare Solo W119UCF on the FairsteadOne home.

So all in all it was a totally fantastic day, thanks to all involved for putting on such a great event!