100 Post Celebration!

Good Afternoon to all of the readers of and visitors to Andy's Bus Blog!

I was sitting looking through the blog last night and realised I have now posted 100 articles!

So I thorght I'd take an oppertunity to once again thank everybody old and new who read the blog.

I thorght I would also take this chance to share some interesting facts and figures about the blog and our audience!


Thats an average of 125 visits per post, although in reality a vast majoriry of the visits have been over the last 50 posts as the blog was much quieter at the beginning.

Traffic Sources the top referring sites are...

Google - 1,924

Facebook - 797

A&TV Bus Forum - 273

Twitter - 148

East Norfolk Bus Blog - 110

Facebook Mobile - 110

Flickr - 76

X1 Blog - 62

ABB Mobile Site - 48

Audience Interestingly we have had numerous visits from outside the UK

A run down of visits country by country are...

United Kingdom - 10,493

United States Of America - 385

Germany - 45

Russia - 40

Canada - 37

India - 34

Australia - 29

Hungary - 26

Iran - 26

Sweden - 25

Operating Systems Top operating systems used to view Andy's Bus Blog operating systems

The vast majority of operating systems used are Windows based bur as you can see from the graph above Mac, iphone, Linux, Nokia, Blackberry, ipod, ipad and Android also make an appearance.

The Future - I am planning on continuing with the blog for as long as people keep visiting and enjoying reading it!

Once again thanks for visiting and don't forget to come again! :-)