We are Premier League!

David Bell has been in touch following his trip to Norwich yesterday.

"I popped over to Norwich today and stayed on into the evening for the parade to celebrate Norwich City's promotion to the Premier League. They were using the Sanders open topper suitably adorned. Difficult to avoid getting PC Plod in the shot and it took an eternity to make its way down Castle Meadow"

"Castle Meadow and other roads including Rampant Horse Street were closed off from 4pm and numerous services were diverted as a result. As you can see from another shot of Norfolk Green Versa on the X29 this is turning left into St Stephens Street where it would normally turn right. Other services such as the 25 and the 35 which go to the rail station were going up Surrey Street and then down Bracondale and over Carrow Bridge and past Morrisons to reach the station"

"I caught the 2010 X1 service back to Swaffham and it departed packed full - mostly Norwich City fans who had come to see the parade. One had celebrated too much and threw up on the top deck - nice!

Thanks David, sounds like a good evening out (apart from the bit at the end!)