First King's Lynn fleet... Where are they now?

Following the last day of operations on Saturday a team (or whatever the collective term is for bus drivers!) came over from Great Yarmouth and Norwich on Sunday morning to collect and take the fleet onwards to their new depots - a breakdown of where they have gone can be found below, thanks to Grahame Bessey for this...

Scanias 65525/6/7 to Colchester
Scanias 65528/9/31/32/40 to Ipswich
Volvo B7TLs 30887/8/9 to Great Yarmouth
Volvo B7TLs 30900/1/2/3 to Braintree
Solo 53701 to Braintree
Solos 53702/3/4/5/6 to Redditch

Gerard Fletcher visited the Rowan Road compound on Sunday morning to see the vehicles leaving and sent me these photos to share with you all...

20115 after arrival at Rowan Road.

Rowan Road line up
Line up of vehicles at Rowan Road.

Rowan Road line up
Another view of Rowan Road with 30902 in the forground.

Deckers start leaving
Volvo B7TL's start to leave Rowan Road.

Scanias leaving
Scania's leaving Rowan Road

Volvo B7TL 30886 will remain at King's Lynn to operated a school contract remaining here until the end of this academic year.

As a result of these changes Volvo B10BLE's 60807/8/13/14 have moved from Ipswich to Great Yarmouth.