King's Lynn Today & Mini Norfolk Green Fleet Update

Went into King's Lynn Bus Station this afternoon as I did yesterday to see Norfolk Green's new network in action.

It is difficalt to say what I saw on what route as most services are interworked so buses chop and change between routes. One service that isn't interworked is the Crosstown Five which was today worked by Optare Solo YN53SSZ.

On the other routes 10, 11, Fairstead One, North Lynn Too, and North Wootton Three was a mixture of Optare Spectra's, Optare Tempo's, Irisbus Agoraline's and Optare Solo's with the odd Optare Excel appearing from time to time.

It still seems very strange although very good having an all Norfolk Green network and buses now seem a lot busier now theres just one dedicated operator.

Below is a view of the all green bus station at around 2pm today...

View A
View B

The Borough Council were also hard at work planting floral displays at King's Lynn Bus Station this afternoon as seen below outside the Lynn Museum...


My journeys today were...

Optare Spectra YJ51ZVF Winston Churchill Drive to KL Bus Station (FairsteadOne)

Optare Tempo YJ59NNZ KL Bus Station to S Lynn Hillen Road (505)

Optare Solo YN53SSZ S Lynn Hillen Road to KL Bus Station via W Lynn (Crosstown Five)

Optare Tempo YJ56WUH KL Bus Station to Winston Churchill Drive

Optare Tempo's are now regulars on the hunstanton line 10 & 11 like YK57FHM seen below prior to operating an 11 this afternoon...

105 on 11

Late afternoon a trio of non green Norfolk Green Solo's were parked together - those being M&GN liveried MX55WCV, Tesco liveried MX55WCU and Coasthopper liveried YJ09LBF providing a good photo oppertunity...

NG Trio

Norfolk Green Fleet Update
A further addition to the NG fleet is Optare Tempo YJ06YSP, it will become fleet number 108.