More Stephensons Of Essex in Suffolk...

Adam Dowling has kindly sent me some photos he took this morning of some of the vehicles which are on loan to Stephensons Of Essex at the old Burtons depot in Haverhill...

Decker line up
L-R On loan from Norfolk Green is Optare Spectra 7 YJ51ZVF, On loan from Ensignbus are Olympians 392MBF and C51CHM. © Adam Dowling

NG Spectra 7
Another view of Norfolk Green Optare Spectra 7 YJ51ZVF. © Adam Dowling

UNO Spectra
Another Optare Spectra on loan is UNO 201 YJ53VBN. © Adam Dowling

There are only a handful of Burtons vehicles still on site, alongside ehe East Lancs Dart there was a Lochs and Glens liveried Berkhof and Burtons Volvo B12B/Caetano UK53BCL.

Burtons Dart
One of the few Burtons vehicles still on site is East Lancs bodied Dart N541TPF. © Adam Dowling