Norwich to London by Megabus...

This is a guest post by Des Speed who sampled the new Norwich to London Megabus route on Wednesday...

Megabus trip report - 22/06/11

Date - 22/06/2011
Details - Megabus M16 - 06.30 Norwich>London
Cost - £1.00+50p booking fee

Megabus M16 pulled into Norwich bus station, bay 3, loaded 24 passengers with luggage and pulled away at 06.34.

Megabus in Norwich

As in all my trips I have considered on which side of the vehicle the sun will shine. As this is an early morning trip heading broadly south, I decide to sit out of the sun on the offside of the coach.

Three passengers loaded at the University of East Anglia and away dead on time at 06.45. The coach was comfortable, the driver was approachable. All you need for a budget journey to the capital of the UK.

None of the 'Welcome aboard the 06.30 Megabus to London etc.etc.' You don't need it! The driver has checked your journey code against his list and you're on. Simple and officiant boarding - Excellent.

The exit to Thetford bus station is as difficult as it has been for the lat 30 years - A very narrow exit, a tall wall on the left and a telegraph pole on the right, with a right turn into a single track road. The Megabus driver took it in his stride, an easy exit from a difficult bus station. Well done.

Now direct to London Victoria, At 08.50 the dreaming spires of London Docklands were in view out of the O/S window. It then took another 65 minutes to negotiate the traffic to London Victoria to arrive 5 minutes earlier than the 10.00 arrival. Well done that driver!

Megabus at Victoria

It has to be asked why TFL haven't organised M25 terminal points for Coach services in and out of London.

CONCLUSION - Megabus M16 is a fast and cost effective way way to travel from Norwich to London.

Sounds like a good journey Des... Can we have a Megabus service from King's Lynn to London please Stagecoach? :-D