Stephensons Of Essex in Suffolk...

Stephensons Of Essex are now in full swing operating most of the services previously operated by Yellow Star/Burtons Coaches, a variety of interesting vehicles have been running the newly aquired services including some of Stephensons own vehicles and some on hire from other operators.

Vehicles being operated on hire to Stephensons include Dennis Dart SLF's R446LGH and P503RYM, Volvo B6BLE X979CNO and Olympians H114SAO, H117SAO & K106JWJ from Ensignbus and Irisbus Agoraline OY53RFF and Optare Spectra YJ51ZVG from Norfolk Green. Alexander Dennis Enviro 300 demonstrator SN09CGX still in National Express West Midlands has also been noted.


Above: Ensignbus (ex London General) R446LGH on hire to Stephensons © David Slater


Above: ADL demostrator SN09CGX on hire to Stephensons © David Slater.

Stephensons own vehicles noted so far include Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 EU10NVR, Optare Solo EU58AXX, Olympians H552VAT & N828FKK and Volvo B10M/Alexander PS M453VCW.


Above: Stephensons EU10NVR © David Slater

Rear end view at Bury

Above: Rear end shot showing Stephensons N828FKK and EU58FKK © David Slater.

All of the photographs used in this post were kindly supplied by David Slater, if you want to see more of David's photos you can visit his Flickr Photostream