First in Norwich - New Gemini 2's Update

The arrival of the 15 new Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL's at First in Norwich is now in full swing with 13 examples sighted so far.

Eight of the new buses were out in service on Wednesday & Thursday on the Royal Norfolk Show shuttle service as pictured below by Grahame Bessey.

Gemini 2 - 1
36169 BD11CFO pictured above in St Stephens Street on the Showground Shuttle 100 © Grahame Bessey.

Gemini 2 - 2
No its not on X1 unfortunatly! Just the driver having a laugh... 36167 BD11CFM pictured above on Thorpe Road next to Norwich Rail Station.

The new Gemini 2's do look smart I must say and will make a change the endless stream of Ex London Plaxton President's that have invaded the city in the last couple of years.

A full list of Gemini's sighted so far are...

36166 BD11CFK
36167 BD11CFM
36168 BD11CFN
36169 BD11CFO
36170 BD11CFP
36171 Reg not known yet
36172 BD11CFV
36173 BD11CFX
36174 BD11CFY
36175 BD11CFZ
36176 BD11CGE
36177 Reg not known yet
36178 BD11CDX

Many thanks to Grahame Bessey, Jim Long and the other members of EABG who helped compile this information.