Independants in Wisbech...

Our regular correspondant David Bell spent a few hours in Wisbech last Wednesday and sent in some photographs of the numerous independant operators who run in and out of the fenland town...

Wisbech 1
Norfolk Green is the main bus operator in Wisbech operating services to King's Lynn, March, Manea, Three Holes, Long Sutton and the Wisbech town service as well as numerous school and collage buses including the 748 pictured above being operated by Optare Solo 624 YJ59GGO, the service operates between Thomas Clarkson Collage and Holbeach Drove. photo © David Bell.

Wisbech 2
Emblings run one main service the 380 between Wisbech and March (this competes against Norfolk Green's 56 service) they also operate market day services to King's Lynn on Tuesdays and Downham Market on Thursdays, in addition they also work a number of school and collage buses. Wright Handybus bodied Dennis Dart L422LET is the mainstay of the 380 pictured above entering Wisbech Bus Station. photo © David Bell.

Wisbech 3
Pictured above AUD460R, one of the few remaining Bristol VR's left in service in the UK and is quite possibly the last left in service with Emblings, seen above outside Wisbech Bus Station possibly having finished a school run. photo © David Bell.

Wisbech 4
Fowlers Travel, based in Holbeach Drove was once a thriving independant operator running numerous services including the the hourly 505 between King's Lynn and Spalding (now operated by Norfolk Green on an every 20 minute frequency!) their operations are now somewhat smaller being mainly schools, collage and private hire work. One of their few remaining public bus services is the Holbeach Drove/Parson Drove - Wisbech route which is normally operated with Alexander Dash bodied Volvo B6 L644OWY as pictured above. photo © David Bell.

Wisbech 5
There are a couple of small coach operators based in the local area including W&M Travel, they operate a few school and collage services and also run/ran? a once weekly rural shopping service between Wisbech and Peterborough although I'm not sure if this service still runs. One of their coaches H804OEE is pictured above outside Wisbech Bus Station. photo © David Bell.