The Busway: Extra services on their way due to high demand!

Just two weeks after the opening of The Busway operators have announced that an increased level of service is to be introduced next month following high demand for the services which carried 55,000 passengers in their first week alone!

Operators have already had to lay on extra relief buses to cope with demand and Sragecoach have confirmed that from next month they will be adding additional services to their timetable and that they are currently in talks with Cambridgeshire County Council about increasing the Sunday service.

New timetables for Stagecoach' increased busway services will be available soon.

Meanwhile the second busway operator Go Whippet have already reacted to the high demand. for extra busway services by doubling its Sunday timetable with immidiate effect, and they are also said to be looking into expanding their Monday to Saturday services on the busway, however this would require the purchase of extra vehicles so may be some way off yet.

You can download the new Go Whippet Sunday service C timetable on their website go-whippet.co.uk

So it looks like The Busway has really taken off! It can only be good news in my opinion, after all the bad press about the delay in opening it is great to see that now it has finally opened passengers are taking full advantage of the services!