The Busway Special - Part Three

In this, the final part of "The Busway Special" our regular correspondant David Bell shares his views on The Busway following his trip there on Thursday and TDC813 provides a 'live' blog of two trips he made on The Busway on Friday... all images throughout this post were kindly supplied by David Bell.

Busway 1
Stagecoach AE09GYZ © David Bell

Busway 2
Stagecoach AE09GYP © David Bell

David Bell reports...
Spent a day in Cambridge on Thursday sampling the Guided Busway. I was impressed with it though there are one or two things which I thought would improve the experience some of which are being addressed;

1. Like your previous correspondent I think the timing of the traffic lights could be improved.

2. Weeding the track would make it look tidier. Because of the delay in the opening vegetation has been allowed to grow wild.

3. Access at Cambridge Rail Station is not good at the moment as roadworks mean that to board the Busway heading towards St Ives you have to turn left outside the station cross the road and walk down to the bus stop instead of being able to board it at the roundabout by the station. The driver told me they were not allowed to stop any closer whilst the roadworks were under way. Equally when you arrive back at the station you have to retrace your steps to the station.

4. Longstanton Park & Ride still isnt finished despite the Busway being two years behind schedule. Also the remains of Histon station - boarded up and derelict looks a bit of an eyesore. Surely this could be restored and some use found for it.

Busway 3
Go Whippet AE59EHR at Histon Old Rail Station © David Bell

5. As you can see from the photographs below the odd car still thinks it is a bus and a "lycra lout" cyclist caused the driver to sound his horn at Histon and Impington - it was a closer call than it appears

Busway 4
Not a bus! at Cambridge Rail Station © David Bell

Busway 5
Think Bike! at Histon & Impington © David Bell

Thanks for that David, hopefully some of the issues you mentioned will be addressed - I have certainly noticed the "overgrown" nature of The Busway in photos I have seen, especially at St Ives Park and Ride.

Now, TDC813 over on the Anglia & Thames Valley Bus Forum posted this live blog via the free Wi-Fi available on The Busway vehicles as he travelled the route on Friday afternoon...

Outward Journey on Route A

* Boarded, Parkside, 15:18 (approx) Stop not listed in timetable timing consistent with Rail Stn departure.
* Large Number of passengers boarded @ New Square. Departed 6 mins down. Approx 5 seats available.
* Slow crawl north on Milton Rd, from Elizabeth Way to Milton Rd.
* Passing Kings Hedges Rd Golden Hind 15:35.
* Science Park 4 on 3 off. Dep 15:37 (4 mins down). 1 standee.
* CRC 1 on, 1 off. 1 standee.
* 15:40 Driver halts after A14 bridge to speak with young cyclists lurking on cycleway.
* 15:41 Driver halts before Histon to speak with driver of Cambridge-bound B, presumably about young cyclists lurking on cycleway.
* Histon 3 off, 1 on.
* Oakington 0 on or off.
* Longstanton P&R family of 3 about to disembark, change mind. Depart 15:50 (7 mins down).
* Swavesey 2 on, 5 off (including baby in buggy). Dep 15:53 (5 mins down).
* Fen Drayton Reserve 3 off 4 on. Dep 15:57.
* St Ives P&R (terminus) Arr 16:00 (7 mins down).
* Journey continued to St Ives bus station on the
following B.
* Two Bs arrived together, 16:07.

Busway 6
Stagecoach AE09GYC © David Bell

Return journey on Route C

* Depart St Ives bus Stn 16:53 (3 mins down) 19 passengers.
* St Ives P&R 3 board. Dep 16:55 (2 mins down).
* Fen Drayton Reserve 2 off. Dep 16:58.
* Approaching Swavesey CCC Highways van on
maintenance track.
* Swavesey no halt. Dep 17:01 (3 mins down).
* Longstanton P&R 5 off. Dep 17:04 (1 min down).
* Oakington 2 off. Dep 17:08 (2 mins down).
* Histon 1 off, 1 on. Dep 17:11 (2 mins down).
* CRC no halt. Dep 17:14.
* Science Park 1 on. Dep 17:15 (2 mins down).
* Milton Rd, Union Lane 4 off. Dep 17:20 (4 mins down).
* New Square 3 off. Arr 17:26 on time.
* Set down in Emanuel St, handy for Citi2.

Busway 7
Stagecoach AE09GYS © David Bell

Many thanks to David Bell and TDC813 for their reports remember Andy's Bus Blog is pleased to accept written articles and photos for display on the blog - get in touch for more info!