1st September 2011?... must be time for a 61 plate - and a very nice one too!

Many thanks to John Marsh who has kindly supplied these photographs of Delaine's brand new Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL - registered AD61DBL Delaine say it is the first bus outside of London built to the new EU specifications mandatory from next year - additional features include a suspension driver's seat, wider door and seat squabs, marker lights and two reverse lights amongst others.

Offside view of Delaine 150 AD61DBL © John Marsh

Rear view of Delaine 150 AD61DBL © John Marsh

For those of you wanting to sample or photograph this stunning new vehicle it is booked to run the following services (which of course could be subject to change)...

0730 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
0900 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
0950 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1100 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1150 Service 101 Morton-Bourne

1300 Service 101 Bourne-Peterborough
1400 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1450 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1600 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton
1650 Service 101 Morton-Peterborough
1800 Service 101 Peterborough-Morton

This vehicle is also booked to attend Showbus at Duxford IWM on 18th September