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Norfolk County Council fully supports the English National Concessionary Bus Travel Scheme, and welcomed the decision to transfer this duty to the county last April, as it fits well with our other strategic transport responsibilities.

However, in transferring the scheme, the Government didn’t transfer enough money to deliver even the most basic scheme. There is a gap of over £4.5m and it is only thanks to our close working with bus operators, that we have managed to shrink the shortfall to £3m for this year.

The way the Government has allocated the funding has cost Norfolk taxpayers more than any other council in the region, and we are one of the hardest hit nationally. As a result, we can only offer the most basic statutory scheme.

Next year bus operators will be hit with an increase in fuel duty and therefore are unlikely to be able to offer us any extra help. Without a fair settlement there will be added pressures on the overall public transport budget, and it will be even more difficult to support other vital rural transport.

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