First three Citaros arrive at Konectbus

Konectbus collected the first three of their Mercedes Benz Citaro G articulated buses from Go Ahead London's Beldevere depot today...

Konectbus Citaros
800-2 waiting to leave Beldevere Road depot earlier today © Julian Patterson.

Full details of all five Citaros (with KB fleetnumbers) are as follows...

800 BD57WDA ex GA London MAL97
801 BD57WCY ex GA London MAL95
802 BD57WCZ ex GA London MAL96
803 BL57OXM ex GA London MAL110
804 BL57OXN ex GA London MAL111

800 BD57WDA has gone straight to Go Ahead owned Hants & Dorset trim for repainting etc, 801/2 BD57WCY/Z are at the Konectbus depot in Dereham (and will go to Hants & Dorset Trim in due course) the remaining two 803/4 BL57OXM/N are retained in London for further service and will join their sisters at Konectbus in mid November.

Information kindly supplied by Julian Patterson