Plans submitted to install ticket gates at King's Lynn Railway Station

Plans for new automatic ticket gates to crack down on fare evaders at King's Lynn Railway Station have been submitted by First Capital Connect.

The train operator has applied to West Norfolk Council for listed building consent to make changes at the station, including the installation of a barrier next to the station cafe at the entrance to platform one.

The ticket gates would be simlar to those at other FCC stations, passengers gaining access to oleaving the platform would pass through up to four single gates. There would also be a wide aisle gate, providing more space for disabled and luggage-carrying passengers.

The new ticket gates would help to cut the number of fare dodgers, across the UK, ticketless travel is estimated to cost operators around £200million a year.

Gatelines are also considered an aid to reducing anti-social behaviour and FCC plans to install CCTV on both sides of the new barrier, as part of the plans the entrance leading off the station from platform one would be closed for security reasons but would open automatically in an emergency.

The company is also proposing to move the station’s existing customer information office from platform one to an new location on the unpaid side of the new gates, it would be fitted with swing doors and a counter compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act.

King's Lynns victorian station building is described as having decorative cast and wrought iron features and being a well-preserved example of unusual station design. FCC’s application said the plans were sensitive to the station’s listed building status and would not impact on its heritage value, for example measures would be taken to conceal unsightly cables and the current. plain railings at the end of the track would be replaced by an ornate version and the existing footway behind the railings would be closed off.