The new Newark Bus Station - opening day report

Slightly out of our usual area of coverage but interesting never the less - David Bell attended the opening of Newark Bus Station last Saturday, he takes up the story below...

New bus station in Newark © David Bell

I went to Newark on Saturday for the opening day of the new bus station. To celebrate the event Stagecoach had brought along their Routemaster painted in Stratford Blue livery (see attached photo). It operated on local services and thelater in the afternoon worked to Mansfield and back.

JJD565D, Stagecoach's Stratford Blue liveried Routemaster © David Bell

The bus station is on the site of the old bus station which closed in May 2010 when the same vehicle also put in an appearence. Since the old bus station closed services have been operating from The Wharf which is close to Newark Castle station and rather on the edge of town. In its latter days the old bus station was in a very dilapidated condition and as you can see from the photographs it is now brand spanking new with a brand new Asda supermarket behind it where previously there was a Lincolnshire later Stagecoach depot and a large car park.

PC Coaches Wrightbus Streetlite FX61AAK departs the new bus station bound for Lincoln © David Bell

I think they may have some traffic teething problems when the supermarket opens tomorrow (Monday 14th November). On the exit from the bus station there are traffic lights but no box junction to prevent traffic queueing across the exit as it was doing on Saturday. Despite the new bus station there are some through services which do not call at the bus station notably Marshalls 90 route the Fosseway Flyer which runs from Newark Northgate Station to Nottingham and Premiere route 54 which runs from Northgate station to Bingham both of which pass by on the road which runs past the bus station.