2011: The Review - Part Two

2011: The Review as reported on Andy's Bus
Blog - Part Two

In this post we will be looking back at the main events reported here on Andy's Bus Blog (ABB) in May, June, July & August 2011.


© David Bell

May started off with several ABB visits - I went to Spalding Flower Parade to photograph some of the many visiting coaches, I then went to see one of my favourite UK bus operators - a day out in Brighton & Hove land. Meanwhile David Bell went to Norwich where he saw an open top bus parade celebrating Norwich City FC's promotion to the Premier League, ABB celebrated its 100th post and 12,500th hit, National Express changed its King's Lynn to London route, Sutton Bridge based Carnells Coaches went into liquidation, in other news Norfolk Green continued to expand & brand their ever increasing fleet and Megabus launched their Norwich to London service. The month ended with the sad news that Burtons Yellow Star had gone into administration.

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June started with Norfolk Green making my year by naming Optare Tempo 107 after me & the blog, ex Optare demonstator Optare Tempo 107 & Optare Solo 624 joined the Norfolk Green fleet.

The main event of the month was the end of First in King's Lynn and the start of Norfolk Green's expanded network - we covered the events with a series of posts, the final day of First was covered, and the first day of the expanded Norfolk Green network was celebrated with a heritage running event on the new Hunstanton Line routes, next was a report on the quick exodus of the First in King's Lynn fleet.

Other events in June included the announcement that the Cambridgeshire Busway would finally open in August, it was a very wet month as shown in a special post featuring stunning photos of buses in the rain kindly provided by Damon Powell & John Marsh. Des Speed sampled the new Norwich to London Megabus service, and the month ended with a fantastic day out at the EATM Bus Event with Norfolk Green.


July was quite a quiet month, First in Norwich aquired 15 new Gemini 2's, Optare Tempo 108 from Marshalls Of Sutton On Trent joined the Norfolk Green fleet, David Bell looked at independant operators in Wisbech, he also had a day at the races. Elsewhere Konectbus registered their new King's Lynn to Watton & Dereham service and had another bendybus on loan for evaluations. Norfolk Green launched their special Cancer Research UK bus, David Bell reported from the Sandringham Flower Show, Norfolk Green Optare Solo 624 recieved a rear ad for KLFM's Adam & Hannah breakfast show and I went on a Norfolk Explorer

Busway 1

Norfolk Green announced the Optare Tempos 109-11 had been aquired from Tanat Valley, Stagecoach unveiled their new "Megabunk" overnight sleeper service, The Cambridgeshire Busway finally opened and we covered the event with a special three part report - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. In other news Sanders Coaches aquired three ex Reading Buses Scania Onmidekkas and sold their Optare Olympuses to Ensignbus and we did a special. Great Yarmouth Seaside Special

I hope you enjoyed the second part of our look back at 2011 - the final part will appear later in January, in the meantime our usual blog posts will continue as usual including a special look back at King's Lynn in the 1990's and of course a special report on the first week of konectexpress 8... all of that and more coming soon on Andy's Bus Blog!