Konectbus Fleet Update 08/12/11 - more Citaros aquired & new Enviro400's on their way!

Some very interesting fleet changes are coming up at Konectbus in the next few weeks, here is all the latest news and information...

More Citaro artics aquired!

Although not yet in service the three "54" reg Mercedes Benz Citaro G articulated buses that had recently moved to Konectbus for storage have now officially joined the fleet, they join the five "57" reg examples already with the company.

The three latest additions BX54UDK/UDV/UEA will be numbered 805-7 in the Konectbus fleet, they will be refurbished in due course and will all recieve Costessy Park & Ride livery, this means that the five original vehicles 800-4 will now all be in standard Konectbus livery.

For your records the full list of Mercedes Benz Citaro G articulated buses now in the Konectbus fleet is as follows;

800 BD57WDA
801 BD57WCY
802 BD57WCZ
803 BL57OXM
804 BL57OXN
805 BX54UDK
806 BX54UDV
807 BX54UEA

New Enviro 400's on their way!

Its the news we've all been waiting for!

The five brand new leather seated Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 bodied Dennis Trident II's for the 8 Toftwood - Dereham - Norwich FAST service are due to arrive in the next few weeks!

Details of the new vehicles which also wear a new special livery for the 8 are as follows;

605 SN61CZV
606 SN61CZW
607 SN61CZX
608 SN61CZY
609 SN61CZZ

The new vehicles are due to enter service on service 8 from Monday 2nd January 2012.

Many thanks to Julian Patterson for keeping us up to date with the latest Konectbus fleet news