absolutely! ~ Ely is going green from 13th February 2012

absolutely! - Ely is going green from Monday 13th February when a brand new city service is launched by Norfolk Green.

The brand new service, supported by East Cambridgeshire District Council with Section 106 funding provided by Sainsburys following the development of their new store on Lisle Lane will link the main residential areas of the city with the city centre and the new Sainsburys store.

The new service, which is branded as absolutely! will operate up to every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

The service runs around the city centre in a one way loop serving Market Street, Broad Street for Railway Station, Sainsburys in Lisle Lane before returning to Market Street (every 30 minutes) it then alternately serves either the Downham Road and Cam Drive areas or the Cambridge Road, Norfolk Road, Beresford Road and Benedict Street areas (each route once an hour)

As usual with Norfolk Green value for money fares are available, adult prices are £1.50 one way, £2 for one days travel and £8 for one weeks travel - and of course there are discounts available for under 16's, 16-19's, two people travelling together and family groups!

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the absolutely! leaflet including the full timetable, fares and a route map from norfolkgreen.co.uk

The service is expected to be worked by Optare Solo 617 MX55WCV which will be specially branded for the service in due course.