8 extra buses for the Cambridgeshire Busway included in Stagecoach's new £60 million bus order!

Stagecoach have today announced a £60 million order for 390 brand new buses and coaches for its fleets around England, Scotland & Wales in 2012-13.

Most importantly for our area is the announcement that three extra Alexander Dennis Enviro400 bodied Scania N230UD's and five extra Wrightbus Eclispe Urban 2 bodied Volvo B7RLE's will be joining the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway fleet, the extra new vehicles will all, like the original batches, be run on 100% biofuel and will allow the popular services to be expanded.

Other highlights of the order include;

• 11 Volvo B11 Plaxton Interdeck coaches, a new model for the UK. The 72-seat coaches are designed to allow level access wheelchair boarding. The coaches will be introduced on Stagecoach’s megabus.com services in the UK, which carry more than 3million passengers a year.

• As already mentioned above 8 more vehicles for the highly successful Cambridgeshire Guided Busway - the longest in the world - which has now been used by more than a million passengers since it opened in August last year. The new buses – three ADL E400 Scania double deckers and five Wrightbus Eclipse Volvo single deckers - will run on 100% recycled biofuel on the transport link between Huntingdon, St Ives and Cambridge.

• 19 hybrid-electric vehicles, as previously announced, which are due to go into service in Perth and Aberdeen this summer. The ADL Enviro350 single deck hybrid buses, which are also a new model to the UK, have been purchased through the Scottish Government’s Green Bus Fund at a total cost of £5.3 million, including a grant of £1.8million from the fund.

The first of the new vehicles will be delivered from May 2012. All of the new vehicles meet the latest Euro 5 emissions standards, further driving up the quality of bus travel for local people in Scotland, England and Wales.

Vehicle manufacturers ADL, Scania, Plaxton, Volvo, Optare, Wrightbus and Van Hool will supply a total of 95 double-deckers, 87 single deckers, 141 midi-buses, 11 mini-buses, 37 coaches and 19 Hybrid vehicles.

A full breakdown of the order is as follows;

• 19 ADL Enviro 350H single-deckers (9 for Perth, 10 for Aberdeen)
• 38 ADL Enviro 400 Dennis Chassis double-deckers
• 57 ADL Enviro 400 Scania Chassis double-deckers
• 54 ADL Enviro 300 Dennis Chassis single-deckers
• 28 ADL Enviro 300 Scania Chassis single-deckers
• 5 Wrightbus Eclipse Volvo single-deckers
• 140 ADL Enviro 200 midi-buses
• 1 Optare Versa midi-bus
• 11 Optare Solo mini-buses
• 9 Plaxton Elite Volvo B13R coaches (15m)
• 10 Plaxton Panther Volvo B13R coaches (15m)
• 11 Plaxton Interdeck Volvo B11 coaches
• 7 Van Hool Astromega coaches

All of the new vehicles are expected to go into service by January 2013.