absolutely! Ely's brand new bus service starts on Monday!

Norfolk Green launch absolutely! The city of Ely's brand new bus service linking some of the main residential areas with the city centre and new Sainsbury's store on Monday (13th February) and Optare Solo 617 MX55WCV has been vinyled up with branding for the service.

617 sporting its large absolutely! logo which is applied to the sides and rear, a promotional message is also displayed above the windows and on the rear end

Benjamin Gimbert, that is the name carried by 617, it has a local connection to the Ely area, he was a "steam locamotive driver from March, given the George Cross for his heroic actions during the 1944 Soham ammunitions train disaster"

I will be visiting Ely on Monday to sample the new service so expect a full report on the days happenings later in the week!

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Many thanks to Rob Bennett for supplying the photos of 617's new absolutely! branding