The Busway in the snow!

I wasn't brave enough to venture out and take bus photos in the six inches of snow we had here in West Norfolk yesterday, but luckily some were and today we bring you some stunning pictures that Bob Tarling captured on The Busway in Cambridgeshire...

15459 AE09GYD near St Ives at 1230 on 05/02/12 © Bob Tarling

15462 AE09GYK near St Ives at 1248 on 05/02/12 © Bob Tarling

15657 AE10HFA at Fen Drayton at 1309 on 05/02/12 © Bob Tarling

15465 AE09GYP near St Ives at 1216 on 05/02/12 © Bob Tarling

Many thanks to Bob for allowing me to share these excellent photos with you - you can find more of Bob's work on his Flickr Photostream