Norfolk Green Fleet Update 01/02/12 ~ two new additions!

Today we bring you news of two new additions to the Norfolk Green fleet;

Aquired from Blysthwood Motors is Irisbus Agoraline GX07BAU it will carry fleet number 131 and will be the eleventh of this rare type in the fleet, its arrival will also mean that as well as Norfolk Green having the largest fleet of this type in the UK they will have the very first and also the last Irisbus Agoraline's built for the UK - the will also have just one short of 50% of the 23 ever built for the UK market!

Also aquired is Optare Solo MX56ABO from Veolia Cymru (via Ensign) this vehicle will carry fleet number 625, it is seatbelt-fitted so if needed can cover for existing Solo 610 YG52DHL on Lincs school contract 115 which requires them.