Stephensons Of Essex revised timetables for Breeze in Bury St Edmunds plus extension to Moreton Hall from 2nd April

One of Stephensons Breeze branded Alexander ALX200 bodied Dennis Darts © David Slater

Stephensons Of Essex have announced a series of changes to their Breeze network in Bury St Edmunds ahead of First's departure from the town at the end of March.

From 12th March there will be minor changes to the timetables on the Breeze 1 and Breeze 2 routes.

From 2nd April there will be changes to the timetable on the Breeze 3 route which is also being extended to serve the Moreton Hall area of town, the service will run hourly Mondays to Saturdays on a simple, direct route offering fast journeys to and from the rail station and town centre, where passengers can connect onto Breeze services 1 & 2 every 30 minutes to West Suffolk Hospital.

In Moreton Hall, Breeze 3 will serve Orttewell Road, Skyliner Way, Primack Road, Airfield Road, Mount Road and Tassel Road before running into town along Barton Road.

Breeze 3 will continue to serve Horringer Court and buses will run additionally via Ashwell Road and Priors Avenue to serve the Priors Estate. The service to Horringer Court and Priors will run every hour from April 2nd and will provide a new direct link to and from the rail station as well as the town centre.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the new Breeze 3 timetable

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