Day & Night - new Norfolk Green FairsteadOne nightbus service from 6th October

NG 107 YJ59NNZ Late Night FairsteadOne © David Bell
Optare Tempo 107 YJ59NNZ seen working a late night FairsteadOne during the Festival Too! last year © David Bell.

King's Lynn is set to to become one of the smallest towns in the country to have a nightbus service thanks to an innovative agreement between the West Norfolk Partnership and local award winning bus operator Norfolk Green.

The FairsteadOne, which already operates until 2315 on Monday to Saturday evenings is being extended on Saturday nights from 6th October to offer half hourly departures from the bus station between 0015 and 0315.

The idea for a night bus originally came from the police, who wanted to look at different ways of reducing disruption for residents when people are heading home from their night out. Norfolk Green were keen to help and have agreed to provide the bus service for a six-month period.

In a move from most places which charge higher fares for nightbus services, Norfolk Green will be charging the same low fares that they offer during the daytime with a one way trip priced at £1.30 and LynnGo day, weekly and monthly tickets also accepted too.

The project will initially be underwritten by the West Norfolk Partnership, but it is hoped that in time it may become self-financing.