Brighton special (part two) - Brighton & Hove brand new Hybrid Gemini 2's in service!

David Bell visited Brighton last Saturday to catch up with the latest bus scene in the city - which has seen service changes and some new vehicles in the last few weeks.

One of the main highlights of the visit was seeing Brighton & Hoves brand new hybrid Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2's which have just entered service on route 7 between Hove, Brighton Station, the city centre & Brighton Marina.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell
450 BF62UXR at Brighton Station, it carries Hybrid Technology branding.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell
447 BF62UXN at Brighton Station, it carries Route 7 branding.

There are 11 new Hybrid Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2's in total which were partly funded by the Governments green bus fund, their details are 442-452 BF62UXH/J/K/L/M/N/O/P/R/S/T and join the two ex demonstators 440 BK10MGV and 441 BG11SXS which arrived earlier this year.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell
444 BF62UXK at Brighton Marina, it also carries Route 7 branding.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell
441 BG61SXS at Brighton Station, this is one of two slightly older ex demonstators Brighton & Hove purchased from Volvo earlier this year.

As mentioned above, the new vehicles will mainly operate on Route 7 and will displace a number of diesel powered Wrightbus Eclipse Gemini 2's which will move over to upgrade Route 49.

The photographs used in this post were kindly supplied by and are © David Bell.