Brighton special (part one) - Compass Bus & The Big Lemon new contracted services

David Bell visited Brighton last Saturday to catch up with the latest bus scene in the city - which has seen service changes and some new vehicles in the last few weeks.

Several council contracted services previously operated by the areas main bus operator Brighton & Hove passed to independant operators Compass Bus and The Big Lemon on the 16th September.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell

The Big Lemon gained the contract for a shortened route 52 which now operates hourly between Woodingdean, Ovingdean and Brighton Marina, they have purchased a pair of ex Stagecoach Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer SPD's to operate the route including X229WNO which is pictured above at Brighton Marina.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell

Compass Bus gained several contracted services, including the 47 which links Brighton Station, the city centre, RSC Hospital & Brighton Marina with Rottingdean, Saltdean and East Saltdean, they have invested in some brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro200's to operate on their newly gained services in the Brighton area including GX62COA which is pictured above & below at Brighton Marina.

Brighton 20/10/12 (c) David Bell

The photographs in this post were kindly supplied by and are © David Bell