Sunday town buses in Bury St Edmunds from 4th November

Bury St Edmunds is set to have its first Sunday town services for a number of years when four new services are introduced from 4th November.

The services, which are being sponsored by Suffolk County Council and operated by Mulleys Motorways will provide an hourly service will for the main residential areas of the town but to a different pattern than the services operated Mondays to Saturdays.

The routes are as follows...

851 - serving Moreton Hall
852 - serving Nowton Estate & WS Hospital
853 - serving Westley Estate & Priors Estate
854 - serving Mildenhall Road Estate

Below is a timetable for the new services (click to enlarge)

Mulleys Motorways: Timetable for Sunday bus services commencing 4 November 2012

The services will also operate on Thursday evenings for late night shopping in the run up to Christmas.