Anglianbus brand new MAN EcoCity gas buses enter service

Anglianbus MAN EcoCity 606 WX62HFU @ Carlton Road Lowestoft 3-12-12 [ (c) Grahame Bessey ]
Anglianbus 606 WX62HFU seen in Carlton Road, Lowestoft © Grahame Bessey

Just a quick post this evening to bring you one of the first photographs taken of the brand new Anglianbus gas powered MAN EcoCity buses.

The first six of thirteen gas buses began to enter service this morning on brand new service 146 between Norwich and Lowestoft - they wear various designs of branding emphasising the environmental values of gas power.

Registrations and fleet numbers of the six delivered so far are WX62HHP (601) WX62HGU (602) WX62HHF (603) WX62HHE (604) WX62HGG (605) and WX62HFU (606) - the rest are expected in the new year.

Many thanks to Grahame Bessey for supplying the excellent photograph used in this post.

Keep your eyes peeled as we will be bringing you more photos of the new Anglianbus gas buses in service soon!