Looking back... Eastern Counties 1986 open top bus services in Hunstanton

David Bell recently sent us some interesting scans of local bus ephemera, included was a flyer for Eastern Counties Sunday open top bus services in Hunstanton, unfortunately the service only ran for a few weeks in 1986 and was plagued by bad weather, so it didn't return in 1987.

Hunstanton 1980's open top service

Front cover of the flyer (click to enlarge via Flickr) showing the fares for the service at 50p single/£1 return between Heacham and Hunstanton and 25p for local fares in Hunstanton itself.

Hunstanton 1980's open top service

The timetable (click to enlarge via Flickr) shows the three services which operated, there was the 420 which ran in the morning from King's Lynn, serving the housing estates of North Lynn and Fairstead, to Hunstanton before returning in the evening.

Then there was the two circular services, the 100 to Heacham Lavender Fields, South Beach and North Beach, and the 200 which operated around Hunstanton via Cliff Parade, Lighthouse Lane and Cromer Road - both services operated six times during the day, taking between 20 and 30 minutes to complete each circuit.

Hunstanton 1980's open top service

The vehicle Eastern Counties used on the service was Bristol Lodekka OT1 VDV752, the vehicle was new to Western National Omnibus Company in 1957, it was converted to open top in 1972, it moved to Eastern Counties in 1979 where it remained until 1987, it then passed into private ownership for preservation until 1999 when it was brought by Quantock Motor Services, Bishops Lydeard whose heritage fleet it remains in to this day!

Many thanks to David Bell for providing the scans used in this post, also thanks to Rob Sly's excellent Bristol Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts website for the vehicle history of OT1.