Mayor Of London announces first route to be fully converted to New Bus For London operation

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has today announced that the route 24 will become the first bus route in the capital to be served entirely by a fleet of New Bus For London vehicles.

The route, operated by Metroline, runs from Hampstead Heath to Pimlico, via Camden, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, and Victoria and operates 24 hours a day.

Like the prototype buses currently running on route 38 the buses will be crew operated during the day and will operate in driver only mode at night.

The new buses will significantly cut carbon emissions and improve air quality, UK manufacture will create jobs and boost the economy.

During peak hours, 27 of the new buses will be in operation for the 28,000 passengers who use the route each day.

Plans are in place for the route to have been fully converted by the summer, it will be the first of two "small" routes with a low peak vehicle requirement to be converted to New Bus For London operation in 2013.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: 'I am thrilled to confirm that route 24 will be the first in London to be converted to run an entire fleet of these world leading new buses, which will be the cleanest and greenest of their kind.'

'That particular route runs right through the throbbing heart of the capital and Londoners will be able to hop on and off at their pleasure via the open rear platform.'

Delivery of 600 new bus for London vehicles over the next four years has been approved by the Transport for London Board, in line with the Mayor's election manifesto.

This represents the largest order of hybrid buses ever placed in Europe and will deliver significant environmental benefits - reducing CO2 emissions in the capital by around 20,600 tonnes a year.

The new bus emits less than half the CO2 and NOx of a current diesel bus.

Source of information: Transport for London