Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Heavy snow, icy conditions and freezing fog have hit many parts of Norfolk hard over the last few days and local bus operators including Anglianbus, Konectbus, Norfolk Green, First Bus and Sanders have been working hard to keep services running in the county despite some very difficult conditions.

Buses in most areas have been coping pretty well with only minor delays and the odd route diversion/curtailment reported, however considerable disruption occured in Norwich yesterday with many buses suspended or severely delayed during the afternoon after heavy snowfall occured at lunchtime and lead to traffic gridlock and dangerous driving conditions in and around the city. Some disruption is still occuring in Norwich today and with more significant snowfall possible on Friday and Saturday don't forget to check with your bus operator before travelling, they have been doing a fantastic job keeping passengers up to date with the latest information - here is where you can find it...

Norfolk Green 505 in the snow at Clenchwarton near King's Lynn on Monday.

Anglianbus - website | twitter @AnglianBus
Konectbus - website | twitter @konectbuses
Norfolk Green - website | twitter @norfolkgreen
First Bus - website | twitter @FirstNorwich
Sanders - website | twitter @sanderscoaches

To finish we have a popular YouTube video showing a large group of pedestrians pushing a First double decker up a hill in Norwich yesterday afternoon - it shows just how bad the road conditions in the city were yesterday...

Photographs of the Norfolk Green bus in the snow were kindly supplied by Robert Kemp-Small, the YouTube video is courtesy of the Telegraph