Health Bus comes to town...

Yesterday our regular correspondant David Bell came across an interesting non-PCV that has been touring parts of Norfolk during the last couple of weeks...

G77OKY, is an ex-Hong Kong Dennis Condor six wheeler which previously worked as an 'outreach bus' in Chesterfield, it is now in its second week touring Norfolk as the NHS Health Bus, yesterday it was at Downham Market in the morning and at Asda in Swaffham where the photos were taken in the afternoon.

Health bus comes to town (c) David Bell

Health bus comes to town (c) David Bell

Today the bus is in Watton and Dereham and then tomorrow (Friday) it will be spending all day between 9am & 5pm at Gaywood Tescos in King's Lynn.

The photographs used in this post were kindly supplied by and are © David Bell