Norfolk Green Fleet Update 19/03/13

Here is the latest Norfolk Green Fleet Update...

Norfolk Green 603 Y57 HBT freshly repainted and renamed, photo © Zak Nelson on Flickr

The main news is that two Optare Solos - 603 Y57 HBT and 613 MX55 WCU have been fully repainted in new NG livery, they have been christened Lilian Ream and Charlotte Pearson Boyd respectively, 613 previously carried Tesco Extra livery.

Optare Solo 302 YJ07 EGF is the latest Coasthopper vehicle to be treated with a rear advert, this one is for Norfolk Hideways holiday homes.

For those that have been asking about East Lancs Myllenium Lolyne bodied Dennis Tridents 13 PX55 AHF and 14 PX55 AHJ, both have now arrived but have not yet entered service, 13 has not yet been repainted and 14 as previously reported has been repainted into new NG livery - we will endeavour to let you know once the first example has entered service.