Norfolk Green Fleet Update 29/04/13 (Updated 30/04/13)

Just a quick update this time, to bring you news of a new addition to the Norfolk Green fleet...

Optare Solo MX55 BXO pictured with its previous operator last year - photo © Gregg Collins

The vehicle acquired is - as pictured above, ex Supertravel long wheelbased Optare Solo MX55 BXO - it will presumably be numbered 626 in the Norfolk Green fleet.

An additional photograph of the bus when on sale at the dealers last month can be found HERE.

Update 30/04/13 - Dennis Trident/East Lancs Myllenium Lolyne 13 PX55 AHF has now entered service, it is named William D'Albini.

Many thanks to Johnny Evans for news of the Solo arrival, and also to Gregg Collins for the photo.