Buses & coaches at the Spalding Flower Parade 2013 - photo special!

Another event that took place last weekend was the last ever Spalding Flower Parade, this year saw Norfolk Green operating their usual frequent Interconnect 505 service between King's Lynn & Spalding plus around 60 or so visiting coaches in attendance, many less than the hundreds of coaches that could be found in the events heyday, never the less it was still an interesting day.

Jamie Armstrong attended the event and has kindly allowed us to use a selection of his excellent photographs taken on the day at Springfields Outlet Shopping & Festival Gardens - enjoy!

21 SN12EHM and SN13EEB Seen at Springfields Spalding
Norfolk Green Alexander Dennis Enviro 400's 21 SN12 EHM and 24 SN13 EEB.

2 YG02FWE Seen at Springfields Spalding
Norfolk Green 3 YG02 FWE, Optare Spectra bodied DAF DB250LF.

Norfolk green PX55AHJ seen at spalding
Norfolk Green 14 PX55 AHJ, East Lancs Myllenium Lolyne bodied ADL Trident.

YT13HKX  Springfields Spalding
Johnsons YT13 HKX, Marcopolo bodied Scania.

TCF496  Seen at Springfields Spalding
Simonds Coaches TCF 496, Van Hool bodied Volvo B12B.

BF60OFE Seen at Springfields Spalding
Epsom Coaches BF60 OFE, Setra S416GT-HD.

Dodds EE13DOT  seen at spalding
Dodds EE13 DOT, Plaxton Panther 2 bodied Volvo B9R.

PK62VUX Seen at Springfields Spalding
Edwards Coaches PK62 VUX, showing the dramatic styling of the Neoplan Starliner.

All of the photographs in the photo special were supplied by and are © Jamie Armstrong - for loads more photos from the Spalding Flower Parade check out Jamie's Flickr Photostream