Norfolk Green Fleet Update 16/05/13

Several items of news to report in our latest Norfolk Green Fleet Update...

King's Lynn bus station 10/05/13 (c) Andy's Bus Blog
Norfolk Green East Lancs/Trident 13 PX55 AHF seen operating on the 505 to Spalding last week.

As briefly mentioned in our last update, East Lancs Myllenium Lolyne bodied Dennis Trident 13 PX55 AHF entered service a couple of weeks back, it is named William D'Albini - picture above.

Following the recent arrival of long wheelbase Optare Solo 626 MX55 BXO, two older examples - 609 X384 VVY (which was previously in reserve) and 619 X49 VVY have been withdrawn and sold.

Meanwhile three Optare Solos - 601 Y54 HBT, 604 Y58 HBT and 610 YG52 DHL have departed from the fleet for a period on loan to help out at Western Greyhound following the devestating fire which destroyed 34 buses, a third of the popular Cornish independant's fleet earlier this week.

post further updated on 17/05/13