EATM Hop On A Bus Day 2013 photo special - Part 1 'on the road'

Last Sunday saw the Carlton Colville-based East Anglia Transport Museum's annual bus event take place, this year the event was titled 'Hop On A Bus Day' - we decided not to attend this year but two of our regular contributors, Colin Apps and Sam Wickham went and have both kindly supplied the excellent selection of photographs and information included in this two part special.

Part 1 will look at buses working on the road, whilst Part 2 will focus on vehicles at the museum itself.

EATM Hop On A Bus Day 2013 (c) Colin Apps
The first photo of the day shows Konectbus' supurb heritage Leyland National 152 UFX 852S, pictured at Norwich Station about to work the free link service to Carlton Colville © Colin Apps.

Colin had the pleasure of driving three interesting vehicles at the event, those being Great Yarmouth Corporation EX 6566, Lowestoft Corporation YRT 898H and Eastern National VHK 177L - all part of EATM's own collection.

EATM Hop On A Bus Day 2013 (c) Colin Apps.
Here we see Great Yarmouth Corporation Leyland PD2 66 EX 6566, it was Colin's first time driving this vehicle which dates from 1950 © Colin Apps.

EATM Hop On A Bus Day 2013 (c) Colin Apps.
Next up is old favourite Eastern National ECW bodied Bristol RELH VHK 177L, this smart vehicle which dates from 1972 was extensively refurbished when with its previous owner Julian Patterson in 2009/10 - it passed to EATM soon after © Colin Apps.

EATM Hop On A Bus Day 2013 (c) Colin Apps.
The final photo illustrating Colin's three charges for the day shows Lowestoft Corporation AEC Swift YRT 898H © Colin Apps.

Elsewhere Sam and his family made the most of travelling around on the various free bus services, here's what he had to say "This time I just went with what was around at the time and managed 5 trips out instead of the usual 3, along with trips on trams, trolley bus and light railway. I was lucky enough to get to ride on VR385, Anglian 102 WX62 HHF & 107 AU62 DWL, Konect UFX 152S, Lowestoft 21 & Lowestoft 4. L263 eluded me for another year, top priority for next year!"

ECOC RS658 KVF658E 1
One of the buses photographed out on the road by Sam was Eastern Counties Bristol RE RS658 KVF 658E which was seen in Lowestoft town centre - this vehicle is part of the Eastern Transport Collection © Sam Wickham.

107 AU62DWL 1
Sam also enjoyed another highlight of the day, the ever popular annual excursions to the Anglianbus depot on the outskirts of Beccles, pictured at the depot is MAN Ecocity 107 AU62 DWL, it was one of two gas buses working on the day © Sam Wickham.

To finish this part we have this atmospheric shot taken by Colin back at the museum during a rain shower...

EATM Hop On A Bus Day 2013 (c) Colin Apps.
Whilst for the last few years the EATM bus event has enjoyed glorious weather, this years event was more of a 'sunshine and showers' affair, although thankfully it was not as bad as forecasted during the week before the event! © Colin Apps.

Thats it for Part 1 of this photo special - hope you enjoyed it. Thanks once again to our contributors Colin Apps and Sam Wickham for making this two part special possible... look out for Part 2 which will be online very soon!