All change on the National Express through Peterborough

Last weekend saw a change of operators take place on the main National Express coach services through Peterborough.

The services 447-9 which serve London and destinations in the North including Lincoln, Mablethorpe and Grimsby were previously operated by Stagecoach East using a fleet of Plaxton Elites.

Stagecoach East AE10 JTO, having just arrived in Peterborough from London it was photographed when about to run a service 448 to Grimsby on the penultimate day of Stagecoach operation © Damon Powell.

Stagecoach East AE10 JTV, seen in Lincoln city bus station having just arrived on service 447 from London © Damon Powell.

The Plaxton Elites have now been transferred to Dover from where they will run on other Stagecoach operated National Express services.

The new operator of the 447-9 services is East Yorkshire Motor Services, pending the arrival of new Caetano Leventes which are currently on order they are using a mixture of older National Express liveried coaches, as well as ones from their own fleet and a Whittles liveried example.

East Yorkshire Caetano Levente A15 EYC seen in Lincoln working service 447 to London via Peterborough © Damon Powell.

Many thanks to Damon Powell - one of our regular correspondants for the photographs included in this post, you can find more of Damon's photos on his excellent Flickr Photostream