Former Norfolk Green Solo X384 VVY up North

Former Norfolk Green Optare Solo X384 VVY has been acquired by M&M Coaches, Accrington - the bus is one of two (the other being X49 VVY) which went to Stafford Bus Centre dealers a few months back.

Former Norfolk Green X384VVY now with M&M, Accrington (c) Jonathan G
Former Norfolk Green Optare Solo X384 VVY seen with its new owner M&M Coaches, Accrington last week © Jonathon Graham.

Interestingly one of the places served by M&M Coaches is Blackburn, were two other former Norfolk Green Optare Solos (W5 JPT and W119 UCF) can be found operating with Darwen Coach Services - so there is now three ex Norfolk Green buses running in that area.

Many thanks to blog reader Jonathon Graham for sending in the photograph included in this post