Ipswich Buses regain Park & Ride contract

It was announced last week that Ipswich Buses have regained the contract to operate the Park & Ride services in the town from November...

The current contract for Ipswich park and ride services operated by First expires on Sat 2 November 2013, from which point Ipswich Buses will step in as the new provider.

The Ipswich Buses website reports;

Tenders were invited for a new contract, which were evaluated on the basis of both quality and price. As a result of this, the clear winner was Ipswich Buses who submitted a tender that included a wide range of improvements and ideas that were both innovative and financially viable.

The new service will provide distinctive branded buses, staffed sites and cross town services between sites - all of which were important to users according to recent survey work.

Improvements include CCTV and next stop announcements on vehicles, reduced prices for group tickets and improved integration with other Ipswich Buses services.

Ipswich Buses were the previous operator of Ipswich Park & Ride services before First were awarded the contract 5 years ago in 2008.